How to attract more users to your Fantasy Sports website and keep existing ones engaged

How to attract more users to your Fantasy Sports website and keep existing ones engaged

The holy grail of the Internet...more traffic and more users. Its the biggest hurdle of almost every website on the Internet, especially for Fantasy Sports sites; how to get more users? Brining new users and retaining them on any platform can be a daunting ordeal. There are lots of questions that need to be answered if you want your Fantasy Sports brand to stick out. Of course you want to be the leading Fantasy Sports brand around. How do you stick out between the thousands of existing websites and apps across the world?

Due to Fan Victor's core business of offering a Premium Fantasy Sports White Label Solution, we talk to a lot of Fantasy Sports business owners, most of them start - ups. The most common questions they have are:

What is the cost & time-frame of creating a website and launching it?
How do I start a fantasy sports website and/or business?
How do data feeds work?
Which payment gateway will support my fantasy sport business?

While these are all valid questions, there are other important questions to ask, like:

Where and how will I find users for my fantasy sports website or app? Or What can be done after development to acquire new users and ensure my existing users are happy and come back?

As your Fantasy Sports partner and experts, Fan Victor would like to outline a few key points that may assist in getting more users and creating a buzz around your site.

Keep it short and simple! No matter if it’s a Daily or a season long platform. Its important to make sure that your fantasy sports website is simple and easy to use. For example, some fantasy sports players in your demographics may be used to a certain process of drafting players.
In this case, you may not need to change everything in the draft process. However, you may want to invent a way where drafting becomes easier than what your users were doing in past on other sites. It also helps to have a ‘how to play’ video on your main page. Have tool-tip texts and tour buttons within your website or application.

Offer Different Games
Another way to stay ahead of the curve is to offer your players with different and new game types. Perhaps create a free pick em game along with your usual player draft game, in order to keep things fresh and interesting. Sometimes just playing different game types, or different formations of player draft games can excite players on your site.

Notify your players
There is nothing more frustrating than having your fantasy sports players select players that are injured or not even playing. Use notifications to keep your players informed and engaged. You can achieve this by either email or SMS or both. Its also better to use real time stats like Fan Victor does in order to keep your players in the game every play of the game.

Reward Loyalty
This is common outside of the Internet, lots of stores have point cards, like credit cards and air miles, why not apply the same to your fantasy sports website or application?

Fan Victor has a built in affiliate program plug-in. It rewards users who refer other users who play for cash on your site. This can be a great way to expand your user base and reward those who are doing the work for you. Its a win win. Some other examples are badges that show achievements. Also having a store where users can redeem their points would help as well. Everyone loves free hats!

As the leaders in white label fantasy sports development and applications, Fan Victor recommends to remember these items when planning your next Fantasy Sports website and/or business. Knowing what sports to target based on geographical information is very important as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very important blog post. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

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