User Guide

Basic Guide on how and what makes the admin tools tick.

The image below displays all the menus that the admin has access to. Each tab is vital in creating and maintaining a game.


Manage Sports

In this section, it will display all the created sports. Any sport created can be removed, activated or deactivated through here.

Removing a Sport (Manage Sports)

To delete a sport, simply click on the sports check box and click on the “Delete Selected” button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation will appear at the top that it was removed.


Adding a sport (Manage Sports)

In this portion, any sport can be applied or created.

When a sport is successfully created, you will be redirected back to the manage sports page, and a notification will appear confirming it.


Image: The display image or picture for the specified game.

Sport: If there is no sport yet, --Root—will be the only available selection.

- If a game is present, click the drop down arrow and select it. Once selected, this will be the parent folder.


Sport (required) BASKETBALL

Name (required) NBA

Name: the name of the sport.

Allow Player Draft: upon checking the box, this will allow player draft.

Team Sport: If checked, it makes the system aware that the game is a team sport.

                       Example: Hockey

- If unchecked, it is not a team sport.

                       Example: Golf


Disabling or Enabling a Sport (Manage Sports)

To determine if it is enabled, you will see a green dot below active while a red dot means it is disabled.

To enable a sport, click on the red dot and it will turn green.

To disable a sport, click on the green dot and it will turn red. All changes are saved and displayed instantly.

Manage Events

This page displays all live and local events created. Fight results can also be viewed here as well as changing the events status. Changing an event can also be done here by clicking the “edit” button on the far right side of the event.

Removing an Event (Manage Events)

Click on the events check box on the left side of it, and click on The “Delete Selected” button on the bottom of the page.

Once done, a notification will appear stating that it was removed.

Fight/Game Results (Manage Events)

The admin can set the winner and add scores in this feature by, clicking on the drop down window and select a team then type in the scores and click on update.

A pop up will appear confirming the changes.

Add Events (Manage Events)

As the name implies, this is where you can begin creating an event.

After filling out the needed information, click on the blue “Save changes” on the bottom of the page.

Add Events1



Image: represents the event with a picture.

Name: name of the event.

Sport: select which sport to participate in the event.

Start Date: when the event will begin.

Cut Date: when wills the game end.

Live Event: when checked, it will display.

Salary Cap: salary capacity that can be distributed to the team or players.

Lineup: represents the position of the players depending on the game. Clicking on the check box enables the position.

Fixture: represents the game of two or more teams selected.


Manage Contests

This page displays all the contests created. Options that can be done through here are: contest deletion, edit contest and add new contest.


Edit or make changes on a contest (Manage Contests)

To make a quick change on your contest, simply click on “Edit” on the right side of the contest and it will direct you to the contest’s page edit area.

Add contests (Manage Contests)

As the name states, adding or creating a contest can be done through here.

Fill in all the details and click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

Add Contests1



Clone contest: create a copy of the game.

Allow edit when started: an option to make quick changes will be available upon creation.

Refund on No Fill: refunds will be given when available slots are not filled.

PayOut Winners: prizes will given to multiple winners depending on the game.

Pick your sport: choose which sport for the contest.

Events: select the event date where the contest will take place.

Fixture Selection: select which team will participate.

Game Type: choose what type of game you would like for this contest.

Lineup: these are player positions. If unwanted, just uncheck the box. This will only appear in Player Draft.

Salary Cap: Salary for the team.

Opponent: choose from anyone or your friends only.

Contest Type: player to player or team game.

Entry Fee: as the name implies.

Name you league: name of the contest.

Prizes: currently fixed.

Note: you may place additional notes for the contest.


Manage Fighters

This page displays all created fighters and quick edits as well as removing/deletion can be done through here.

Removing a Fighter (Manage Fighters)

To remove any fighter, click the check box on the left side of a fighter and once done click on the blue “Delete Selected” button at the bottom. A confirmation will appear at the top part of the page.



















Add Fighters

This page will let you create your fighter and fill out their respective statistics.


Image: the profile picture of the fighter.

Name: name of the fighter.

Nick Name: nick name of the fighter.

Age: current age of the fighter.

Fight Camp: name of the fighting camp.

Strengths: best features or

Home Page Link: a link or website where the fighter’s details or accomplishments are located.

Height: the height of the fighter.

Weight: current weight of the fighter.

Record: current or total record of the fighter.

Once all records are typed in, click on the blue “Save Changes” button.


Manage Teams

As the name states, this page will let you manage all your created teams. Deletion/removal quick edit and adding a new team.


Removing a Team (Manage Teams)

To remove a team, simply click on the check box on the left side of the teams name and click on blue “Delete selected” button. Once done, a notification will appear that it was removed.

















Manage Player Position

This page lets you create, modify and delete positions for players.

Manage Player Position

Removing a Position (Manage Player Position)

Same as the other tabs when removing, simply select and click on the box beside the Position and click on "Delete Selected" to remove it.


Adding a Position (Manage Player Position)

Creating a position is quick and easy. Click on "Add New", and fill in the information and click on Save Changes below.


Sport: name of the sport.

Name: position name.

Example: PF = Power Forward.

Player Quantity: this counts as how many players can acquire the position.


Manage Scoring Category

This page displays scores for all the moves, for all the games.

Manage Scoring Category


Adding A score for a move (Manage Scoring Category)

Manage Scoring Category2


Organization: type of sport the score will be in.

Type: depends on the sport.

Name: name of the move.

Point: how many points/score will the move will have.



Disabling a Score Category (Manage Scoring Category)

As the name states, this will disable or enable a certain move.

By clicking on the green dot (enabled) this will disabled it, when clicking on the red dot (disabled) this will enabled it.

Manage Scoring Category1


Manage Players

This page lets you create a player and manage it.

Manage Players


Adding a Player (Manage Players)

Add Players


Image: a players picture.

Organization: players sport.

Teams: where the player will be placed.

Position: position of the player.

Indicator: status of the player.

Name: name of the player.

Salary:  salary of the player.


Manage Player News

This page displays the players current news updates.

Manage Player News


Adding News (Manage Player News)

This page lets you create individual player news.

Add Player News


Player: active player.

Date: schedule or when the news will be available.

Title: title name of the news.

Content: the message within the news.


Manage Credits

This page lets you modify or confirm credits for all users.

Manage Credits


Adding Credits (Manage Credits)

Select a user and click on "Add credit" button. Type in the amount, the reason is only optional. Click Send once done.

Add Credits


Removing Credits (Manage Credits)

It is the same as adding credits. Select a user, but this time click on "Remove credit" button and type in the amount and click on send.

Remove Credit


Manage Withdrawals

This page lets you manage winnings.

Manage Withdrawls

By clicking on "Action" on the far right of the user, you can set your decision in the action box if Approved of Decline. the Gateway at the moment is PayPal. The response in optional.

Manage Withdrawls1


Manage Transactions

This page lets you view all the transactions made. Details can be viewed by clicking on the blue "View" button.

Manage Transactions

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