Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fan Victor Plugin?

"Fan Victor" WordPress Plugin is a program, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a contest engine set of features and services to the WordPress weblog.

What if I don’t have a Word Press website?

We are a full-suite web development company and can build one for you. Contact us for more info/pricing. (


What does the FanVictor Plugin do exactly?

The plugin will add the functionality to run Daily Fantasy Gaming contests on your site. It comes with a Player Draft, and 3 types of ‘Pick ‘Em’ (Straight –Up, Spread, and Money-Line) similar to Fan Duel and Draft Kings - 2 very popular fantasy gaming sites.

It will add pages to your Word Press Website, such as a live leaderboard and ‘selections’ page where users draft their team. It will also add pages/options to your websites’ backend where you can customize your games: You can add/delete/edit players, add/delete/edit contests, change salary cap values, change player salary values, adjust the rake, and much more.

It will automatically update the leaderboard as well as calculate the points to close out each contest.

It comes with PayPal integration for users to make deposits and cash out with real money. The plugin will automatically calculate the winner(s) and credit their accounts on your site. However, Fan Victor does NOT handle any financial transactions, this is done via PayPal. If you need integration with another payment gateway, we can build it for a small fee.

In addition to crediting the winners’ account, we will send an email to the winner(s) informing them of their victory, and to you, (the site owner) so you can keep track of the winners each day.



Is Fantasy Sports legal?

Because each country and province/state has different gaming laws, we cannot offer any legal advice on this matter. We recommend you speak to a local gaming lawyer in your province/state. Fan Victor assumes all customers have done their due diligence before contacting us.



Can I see an example of some of the sites you build and the plugin in action?

We’re sorry, but we do not disclose our client list. However, you can visit our demo site, it runs the latest version of our plugin:

Username: demo1

Password: demo1


Is there a Short Code to display the lobby?

Yes.  The short code is [fanvictor_lobby][/fanvictor_lobby] . It can be used on any page to show the lobby.


How are player salaries calculated?

Player salaries are calculated by a proprietary algorithm based on real life contracts. However, This value can be manually overridden in the backend to whichever value you choose.


Can I change the salary cap?

Yes. You can change the salary cap value to any number you choose. You can even disable the salary cap if you wish.


What is the rake my site takes in?

Site owners can adjust the rake to any percentage they choose.


How does your White-Label/Turn-Key Solution work?

Our White-Label/Turn-Key solution is by far of our most popular product. You tell us what you want; we build your site to your specifications, insert your logo/colour schema/images/videos/content, and you take over when it’s complete. No fussing around with coding and no headaches. We can even have a Fan Victor team member manage your site for you for a completely ‘hands off’ experience. Contact us to learn more about our WL/TK solution (


I have an idea for a game type that you currently don’t support, what are my options?

We can tailor your plugin by adding custom games. We encourage clients to be different and stand out in the marketplace; it keeps fantasy sports fun and exciting. If you have an idea for a new game type that we don’t currently offer, contact us to get a quote. (


I want to offer sports other than the ones listed on your website, can I do that?

Yes. Our plugin comes with the option to manually create new sports, new leagues, new teams, and new players. So if you wanted to run an online Daily Fantasy League for your softball league you can.


I have downloaded/purchased your plugin but I’m having difficulty using it, can you help me?

Yes. Visit to create a ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you. Please note our tickets are addressed on a ‘1st come, 1st serve’ basis. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours of your request.


What other services do you offer?

We are a full suite web development company and offer ‘1-stop shop’ for all your website needs, including:


- Domain registration

- Multiple hosting packages

- Theme (the ‘look and feel’ of a site)

- Custom plugin modifications

- Extended support

- Installations & configurations of plugin

- Marketing and consulting services


To get more information about our other services, visit our online store at:



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