Front-End UI User Guide

1. Create Contest Page

On this page end website user’s can create the contest. Website owner can do it as well, however front end doesn’t have as  many options like back end has. Also, you can block end users from creating contests via FV settings.

Select the settings you want and click on “Create Contest” at the bottom of the page.

Create Contest

Single sport or mixing sport: using this option you can create contest for single sport or mix some sport and events, that are using the same game type.

Pick your sport: sport that will be used for the contest.

Game type: set of games rules that will be used for the contest. The full ist of supported game types and its descriptions can be found at

Events: date when the contest will begin.
Fixture Selection: teams that will compete in the contest.
Opponent: if the game will be for everyone or within friends only.
Contest Type: a selection of 1vs1 contest or league (from two to unlimited number of player).
Entry Fee: should the game be free or have a certain amount to enter.
Name Your League: Name of the contest.

2. Add funds Page

Adding funds will let you participate on any game depending on the entry fee. Currently, PayPal is our default but we also integrated with Priority Payments and Moneywave.

Add Funds Page

Add Funds Form

3. My Live Entries Page

This page displays all Live games (contests) that you are in.

My Live Entries

4. My Upcoming Entries Page

This page displays all upcoming events. On this page you can also edit your picks if a contest has not been started yet.

My Upcoming Entries Page

5. My History Entries Page

This page will display all live game entries from past to present. If you click on “View” button you will see contest detailed results.

My History Entries Page

6. My Funds Page

This page displays the current or total balance of the customer. It also displays PayPal account and admin email account. Request Payment, Adding Funds and Adding Funds by coupon code can be done through here as well.
Account Information

Request Payment

7. Future Events Page

Games dated for a few days or months in advanced will be displayed here.

Future Events Page

8. Transactions Page

This page displays all funds that were processed and where they were used.

Transaction History

9. Withdrawal page

This page displays all funds that were withdrawn, when withdrawn operation was performed etc.

Withdrawal History

10. Game Summary Page

Records of winnings is displayed on this page.

Game Summary Page

11. Referral Page

On this page we display all info about your referrals, your invite link, your earnings for the last month etc.

Referal Page

12. Lobby Page

This page is one of the most major pages on your website. On this page you can see all filters, contest, info about the contest. You can also invite your friend to join the contest here, etc etc.

Lobby Page

To create new contest, click on “Create Contest” button.

Create Contest

The timer will tell you when the next contest or game will start.

Lobby Next Contest Starts Countdown

If more than one contest or game is created and you just want to see a certain sport, filtering it is easy by clicking on one of the sports on the left side panel. And other sports will be hidden from your view.

Lobby Functions

Filter contests by Contest types, Entry Fee and Start Times. Both Contest type and start times are clickable sorts, while Entry Fee is filtered by dragging the left and right circle to their opposite sides and back.


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