Supported Sports

All Professional and Major Sports Supported

Our Fantasy Sports Platform provides everything needed to create, maintain, track and join a contest for nearly every single sport. Create a Fantasy Sports site using one or multiple data feeds from us. Below are just some of the sports we support.
The possibilities are end-less!

American Football

(Voted best fantasy football draft software for 2017)

The most popular sport in the United States for Fantasy Sports.


National Football League


Canadian Football League


NCAA Men's Football


From the NBA to Men's College basketball, we got you covered! Fantasy Basketball is gaining huge momentum in the Fantasy Sports Market!


National Basketball Association


Woman's National Basketball Association


NCAA Men's College Basketball


Like Baseball? No problem. "America's favorite past-time" has a huge market in Fantasy Sports!


Major League Baseball


NCAA Men's Baseball


Golf fan? No problem. Golf is another category gaining momentum & popularity in Fantasy Sports!


Professional Golf Association


Professional Golf Europe


We would never leave our Hockey fans behind. From the NHL to the Olympics, this plug-in covers it all!


National Hockey League

Auto Racing

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! We cover Nascar and F1 too!


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)

European Football: Soccer

The most popular sport in the world. You can't go wrong with Fantasy Soccer!


World Cup


Italian Serie A


English Premier League


Spanish Liga Primera


Champions League


Friendly Internationals


Euro Championship


North American Soccer


Argentina Soccer


Brazilian Soccer


Mexican Soccer


South America Soccer


Major League Soccer

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is taking off! Out-doing Boxing, MMA is a rising juggernaut in Fantasy Sports!





Other Sports

This plug-in covers so many sports and is so customizable, we can't even begin to list all the sports this plug-in can support!




Horse Racing

Australian Rugby

Australian Soccer


If eSports is your thing, we have you covered too!

All Sports Video Gaming

Amateur and Professional Tournaments

Looking for Fan Engagement engagement? So not only do we offer real cash games, but we also offer a non-cash mode and non crypto currency mode where you can offer Fan engagement to your audience to give away prizes and can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.
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