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Fan Lucci, the leaders in Fantasy Sports now supporting Multi Crypto Currencies

The leading platform in Fantasy Sports, Fan Lucci is now supporting multi crypto currencies. This development allows players to participate in . The company representative says that this has been done to help improve customers or players experience at a time when crypto currencies’ use and popularity has increased. With the use of the has emerged as one of the platforms which has the lowest transaction fee and also ranks highly in terms of security.

Apart from also supports other payment gateways such as PayPal, Priority Payments, Flutterwave, FT tech, and Bill Map. The company is also promising more payments options in future, something that the company representative says will give players flexibility when it comes to payment.

The company prides itself on having more sports and game types, “We are leading in terms of the number of sports and game types, there is no other fantasy sports platform with more features, and this is not all, we are planning to add more features in the future. We believe that this will give our players more options and allow them to play as many games as possible,” said the company platform while outlining the platform’s future.

With the available payment options, the players can transfer their existing currency from any of the supported currencies and the system will convert them into Lucci coins. Lucci coins, according to the Fan Lucci spokesperson, are just the currency that is used in the platform. He added that it is not a crypto currency, equating it to going to casino and exchanging cash for chips to play with.

The players use Lucci coins to play and when they want to cash out they can exchange it back into any of the currencies supported by Fan Lucci. One of the advantages, as articulated by the company representative, is that players using any of the supported currencies can be cashed out easily. The company representatives assure players that the transaction is secure with any chances of fraud being eliminated completely. He also added that the transaction fees are some of the lowest in Fantasy Sports. “We have more sports that any other platform and we support daily, weekly , monthly and season long contests, we are now celebrating a huge milestone, a one of a kind and a first in the Fantasy Sports, it is with great pleasure that we announce that we are supporting multiple crypto currencies. We consider this a great move, one that will make our customers’ or players’ experience great and also allow them to have more options when it comes to payment and cashing out,” said the representatives while revealing that more developments are expected in the future all with an aim of making the fantasy sports platform one of the great websites in the industry.

While commenting on registration and starting out, the company representative said that, any prospective player will find the platform easy and user friendly, adding that their registration process is one of the simplest. All that a new player has to do is register in the platform, then log in and buy any of the supported coins. Armed with this, the player can add funds and select the currency which he or she wants to use. The company representative said that deposits and withdrawals have been made easy urging contestants to invite their friends so that they can enjoy the wonderful experience that the Fantasy Sports website presents. Check out

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