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Fan Victor announces next round of updates for its white label Fantasy Sports Platform

Welcome to another information packed announcement regarding the Fan Victor Fantasy Sports Platform. Lots of enhancements have been developed since the last newsletter as Fan Victor continues to progress in rapid fashion.

Fan Victor the global leader in white label fantasy sports gaming has some new exciting features coming up for the new year. As usual it is always recommended to perform a full back up of your site before you upgrade. It is also highly recommended to save any custom changes to any files within the framework so they are not overwritten with an upgrade.

Please note, some features and enhancements are only available on the Premium package and may not be reflected on your site without the proper access level.

Please contact or our website on information regarding upgrading your account.

New Payment Gateway

Fan Victor is very pleased to announce its first crypto-currency integration - DFSCoin.  DFSCoin is more secure for both the end user and for partners websites. Transaction costs are drastically lowered.

PHP 7 Support

With PHP 7 now in a more stable state and packed full of speed enhancements, the Fan Victor Ultimate Plug-in now supports PHP 7 making it the fastest Fantasy Sports Plug-in around.

Season long contests support for eSports, NFL, MLB, NBA, Soccer

Previously year long contests were supported by the assistance of a member of the Fan Victor team. However, those days are no more. The platform now supports an added date range widget where site administrators can define their own year long events starting and ending on any date they wish.

Auto Create Contests

Say good bye to those days when manual creation of contests were needed. Now with the click of a few options, you can have the platform automatically create daily contests. Set options like sport, size, entry fee and game type to make it even easier to operate your site and never worry about having contests in your lobby for your users again.

Updated NBA scoring

Fan Victor has enhanced it scoring categories for the current 2017 NBA season. Point allocation are more stream lined within the Fantasy Sports community.

Updated Major Soccer feeds

For all major soccer leagues around the world, Fan Victor updated all player images, have added new scoring stats and have added new leagues to its already big list of leagues supported.

Guaranteed prize feature

Fan Victor has added a new feature where guaranteed prizes can be configured on a per contest level. In addition, this feature can also be applied to FREE contests now.

Multi Entry limit

End Users and website administrators can now specify the number of entries allowed when creating multi entry contest.

New logic for NFL players salary

Fan Victor has developed its own algorithm to determine what an NFL players' salary should be. We provide a more accurate view of a players worth. Website owners have the option to turn this feature on or off. Salaries are updated weekly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support agents at

Also, Fan Victor is always looking to bring in talent to the teams. Please check out the Careers section on the main website::

Thank you for your continued Support.

The Fan Victor Team.

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Premium Includes:

Allow custom spreads

Send confirmation email of picks

Allow export of picks

Show a statistics page

Adds an option to show full contests at lobby

Allow trades during contests that have started

NFL Defensive players add to draft pick

and much much more.



Thank for your continued support.


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