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Fan Victor Important Update Coming Nov 6th  – Please read

On Monday November the 6th 2017,  Fan Victor will be releasing a new version of the plug-in.  Version 2.1.46 will be released.  We strongly advise to back up your site as always before performing any upgrades.  Secondly, if you have any custom changes made to your site, then do not upgrade, as the upgrade will overwrite your custom changes.  You should always back up your site first. If you are comfortable, you can upgrade, and then re-apply your changed again.  Below are the updates included in this release:

Release FV 2.1.46.

Release notes:

  • End users are now able to send funds to other players
  • New currencies available
  • New payment gateways available - BillMap, FTT and Moneywave
  • Updated injury reserve indicators
  • Updated player stats
  • Updated player images (NBA, NHL and all soccer leagues)
  • Added new soccer field image when drafting a team
  • Added new Formula 1 track image when drafting a team
  • Show team logo for custom pick em game play
  • Added more informative messages for the first time installers
  • Only for rookies. Mark this check-box and only players with 50 completed contest or less will be able to join a contest
  • Cancel contest. As a website admin, you now able to cancel a contest if something went wrong. Money will be refunded to your users
  • Changed "Player Draft" page UI a bit. Instead of error message we now just hide "add" button. Now you will always know, how many players left available for a specific position
  • Live draft. Added new game type - it includes snake draft, trading, season long tournaments, waiver wire and much more
  • Added Dashboard page. It displays all major info about your fantasy website. Total income, enabled and available for enabling sports and premium features, summarized info about contests, events, users etc etc.

Get Fan Victor Premium and get extra functionality and more game types.  Fan Victor is offering a special deal on Fan Victor Premium.  Only $50 per month.  Subscribe here:

Premium Includes:
Allow custom spreads
Send confirmation email of picks
Allow export of picks
Show a statistics page
Adds an option to show full contests at lobby
Allow trades during contests that have started
NFL Defensive players add to draft pick
and much much more.

Thank for your continued support.

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