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Fan Victor Integrates with DFSCoin Payment Gateway!

December 4th, 2017: A leading white label fantasy sports platform, Fan Victor is now integrated with the DFSCoin. With the integration, Fan Victor customers can now use the DFSCoin as a payment gateway to process transactions.

Fan Victor is the leading white label fantasy sports platform in the world and is the first white label solution to integrate with the only crypto-currency dedicated to Fantasy Sports play.

Now you can get the Ultimate Fantasy Sports plug-in for WordPress and connect DFSCoin into your website.

Daily Fantasy sports sites earn an average of 10% commission for each contest, however credit card processing is as high as 5%, cutting profits in half. PayPal is no better and player deposits can b frozen or worse stolen. Combined with the risk of fraudulent deposits and charge backs, not to mention scams and shady sites, a more secure and cost effective solution is needed.

To solve these and other ploblems , DFSCoin was created. DFSCoin is more secure and for both the end user and Fantasy Sports sites. Transaction costs are drastically lowered. With the Block-chain and open ledger players can be confident their deposited funds are safe and used only to payout prize pools.

Fan Victor customers can now use a more secure and cost saving platform. This platform is not just beneficial to the customers but also to the fantasy sports site. Using other platforms was also prone to frauds but the measures taken by DFSCoin ensure that the money is safe.

“With DFSCoins the level of profits will increase. With the DFSCoin block chain and open ledger, players can be confident that their deposits are not only safe and used only for the prize payout,” said the company representative while outlining the benefits that comes with the integration.

Fan Victor allows their partners to create a fantasy sport website with their fantasy sports software. Users get a fully functional white label solution, which allows for administration of any fantasy sports game.

“With Fan Victor platform, customers will get everything they need in order to create, maintain, track and join a contest,” said the Fan Victor representative while articulating the benefits that the customers get for choosing the platform. He added that the integration with the DFSCoins is another benefit that the players are assured of through selecting the plugins.

For more information visit: http://fanvictor.com

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